Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Welcome to The Little Mrs Me!

Hello there! *waves* I'm so excited that you're here! Welcome to my little space in the world.

This is where I share my tips on all things happiness and home related.. plus anything else I think you might like, such as beauty products and even a recipe or two! I was married in 2012 and since then have fully discovered just how brilliant the Internet can be. From the fun of "Where shall we go for our anniversary?" to the panic of "How can I make dinner in 10 minutes with half an onion and a tin of custard?" (not possible by the way, although it does look remarkably like a cheese sauce), the Internet has answered all of my questions! So I decided it was time to give back, and share what I'd learnt with you.

So pop the kettle on, and see if there's anything here for you! I really hope there is.
Thanks so much for stopping by and come again soon!
The Little Mrs Me x

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